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WOMAN is a modern magazine with a unique concept that focuses on fashion, beauty, popular psychology, business, medical innovations, and literary prose.

WOMAN tells you how to make yourself and the world around you more beautiful.

That's why the level of education among WOMAN's audience is higher than that of competing magazines.

WOMAN showcases how to mix and match clothing from different price ranges, from luxury to mainstream.

A chronograph with diamonds and a simple cotton shirt, a crocodile leather bag and a dress from a talented young designer — WOMAN doesn't care about the price of an item; it's all about how it looks.

That's why the proportion of high-income audience is higher for WOMAN compared to competing magazines.

Each issue of WOMAN has its own theme and mood. The variety of materials and photo shoots, along with a wealth of useful information, entices readers to purchase the magazine. This is confirmed by TNS research, which shows that WOMAN has the largest share of loyal readers.

WOMAN offers a positive outlook on the world. The magazine never criticizes celebrities' images, mocks their mistakes, or stylistic blunders. WOMAN does not use paparazzi shots. The magazine is built on expert and informative style advice, and successful examples of celebrity looks, and vividly demonstrates that any woman, regardless of her initial appearance, can look like a star. That's why readers trust WOMAN and perceive it as a magazine that helps them be beautiful.

WOMAN sees its readers as buyers and works to make shopping comfortable and efficient.

The magazine provides a vast selection of items, photographed sharply and vividly, accompanied by complete information (price, store address, phone number, website address), as well as comments and recommendations from celebrity stylists.

That's why WOMAN guides readers to stores and serves as an effective partner for brands.


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