Oksana Tykhonenko

Glory to Ukraine!

She hasmade the brand #1 in Evrasia restaurants segment

I want to change people’s attitude towards the service.
Today I want to change attitude of people toward war.


1. First, I came to the network as a financial director. Immediately joined the activities of the company and delved into the operational activities of restaurants. Because initially investors of company were from rasha and in connection with events 2014 year in Ukraine the question of exit of them got up from a company. А collaboration was already broken and became impossible coming from moral considerations. There were only two options: closing of company or to undertake guidance in future. Them my team and I decided to stand a chance closing of restaurants of network, and to show out business on quite another level. Documents designed finally in 2017 and got rid of the obscene past.


2. For today basic problems are related to the military operations and destructions of Ukraine. We now can not be out of these events. We work out with problems providing soldiery with technique and feed, medications, clothing. We help in building of the destroyed settlements. We provide water for hospitals. We work for maintenance of economy of the country.



L`honneur De La Patrie an international order of Queen Ann is Honour of Fatherland;

an order is Leader of Ukraine.




3. We are a network of restaurants of the Japanese and European cousine. Now there are 17 restaurants.Unfortunately, 1 restaurant was bombed out during the massed attack and now we are rebuiding it.


4. We actively participate in social life of Ukraine and Kyiv. Never stood from problems aside which arise up in the country. We provide socially disadvantaged groups of people in the city with food. We help hospitals. From the moment of beginning of encroachment, a company began volunteer activity feeding. Soldiery, injured, animals. Took under guardianship Gorenka sat down in the Kyiv area that strongly suffered during an offensive. We hid in the establishments of habitants of Kyiv from fires, fed them. We buy uniforms and technique to the employees that on war and to their colleagues. We cooperate with CO Dobrobat and help to build the destroyed villages and cities.


5. We are ready to participate in obtaining grants to support the country, restore and provide for those in need.


Managing Partner of a Chain of Restaurants
Japanese and European Cuisine “Eurasia”
Kyiv, Ukraine