Marina Nosenko

By changing yourself,
you transform the world

Change yourself, then change our Planet

Sustainability is the solution for a circular economy





Marina was born in March 1969 and grew up in a military family in Ukraine. She studied linguistics in English and French at a university, making her curious about the world behind the iron curtain. 2002 Marina moved to Brussels, where she discovered a different European world. She first became concerned with the environment and the concept of sustainability, seeing the amount of impractical packaging on goods, the amount of food and material wasted, and the overwhelming amount of rubbish bags on the sidewalks of Brussels.


On the one hand, the abundant amount of choice was good for all; on the other, the functioning of the market did not allow for a sustainable cycle. It became her passion for improving societal consumption's ecological impact. While recyclable materials, food-saving programs, and other environmental initiatives were suitable, Marina understood that individual actions would not amount to much without a cyclical approach. Consequently, Parawaste was founded to create a circular economy where waste means resources, energy, and revenue.



Problem solved


Today's issue is multifaceted: overflow of waste, not reusable waste, not sorted well. Moreover, no political will and sufficient incentives from States to create a circular economy and to make profitable business processes or manufacturing based on the circular cycle. Parawaste represents a technological solution to connect those who seek to make resources from waste.


As such, Parawaste solves the problem of waste storage, saving the planet, and fighting climate change. Thus, Parawaste seamlessly integrated into the circular economy creating new market opportunities for all stakeholders, transporters, financial institutions, and Research and Development Institutions.





Parawaste is an online platform based around the market of litter. Making products by recycling materials is sustainable and cheaper for the producer. The venue hosts sellers, buyers, and transporters of waste to ensure a fully operational circular economy.


Parawaste is unique because it adds transparency to the litter market by creating a waste passport and allowing tracking of a product after manufacturing, in consumption, recycling, and till the Waste-to-Energy plant.



Social Impact


The market in which we operate is not perfect, notably because of the emerging negative externalities. The environment has long suffered the consequences of factories, industrial revolutions, and other polluting technologies. Despite using green energy and minimizing waste, most businesses have a negative environmental impact. Moreover, preserving the environment, based on sustainability, the principles of the circular economy influences


Customers’ behavior. By manufacturing, selling, or consuming a product or service that fits the principles of circularity, politicians, businesses, and society can stop climate change and save our Planet for future generations. Today, clients do not buy solely a product – they buy the philosophy and values put into it. Parawaste allows those businesses concerned with their ecological impact to partner with one another and create closed business transactions to improve the environment with a financial incentive.


Parawaste places circularity and sustainability at the forefront of its values, which is why we deal with businesses and private individuals.





We thank all of those who have taken an interest in our project. We are united by one goal, to create a fair and sustainable society. Parawaste is an independent entity creating its links and cycles. Our clients are businesses that wish to analyze their environmental impact, reduce waste, and reuse resources. Consultant services are for them.


We wish to work with governments to create uniform standards for waste management, bag colors, and sorting rules.


Our partners are NGOs, and other social actors, who would like to support the circular economy and explain our principles to businesses and the population.


We invite all economic actors in logistics and transport, storage, and chemical companies specializing in recycling, to create a market for secondary resources.


In the future, we plan to cooperate with social actors who promote a green transition to raise awareness amongst the new generation about the importance of a circular economy with climate as its core value. We are open to partnering with all, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


ParaWaste, Platform for Circular Economy and Resources Management,
Founder EWA ESTEAM Women Ambassador
Member of European Women On Boards

Brussels, Belgium