Alina Kabakova

I Change Dreams into Reality

She assisting in realizing their dream of relocating to Spain

From Solo Entrepreneur to CEO: Building
an International Dream-Fulflling Company


Eight years ago, Alina Kabakova, a silver world champion in capoeira, relocated from Kyiv to Barcelona. Initially, she focused on tourism projects, making exclusive tours and excursions. Her travel blog and YouTube channel, MeGustaTV, gained significant popularity, attracting attention from major TV channels in Ukraine and Russia seeking assistance with their travel show productions.


With a growing number of subscribers seeking advice on moving to Spain, finding ideal living locations, and navigating Spanish residency applications, Alina began assisting individuals in realizing their dream of relocating to Spain. As demand increased, she expanded her team, and today, her company DreamLife Spain comprises a big thriving group of immigration professionals, continuously expanding to meet the needs of their clients.


Everyone wants a better life for themselves and their families. Moving to another country should be an exciting adventure, starting anew with positivity instead of difficulties. That's why Alina created DreamLife Spain, helping people begin a new chapter in their lives. The company takes care of all the challenges, effortlessly navigating through bureaucratic hurdles. They've studied every detail and stage of immigration through their own experience. Understanding what it actually means to be an immigrant, Alina and her team inspire people to take the first step towards their dream.


DreamLife Spain offers comprehensive services for those moving to Spain. They take care of every aspect, starting from the initial idea of relocation to finding comfortable housing, enrolling children in school, and even assisting with opening your own business. They meticulously plan and manage all the stages of the moving process, including meeting clients at the airport and providing on-site support for a smooth transition. The primary areas of expertise cover individual immigration, family immigration, student residency, digital nomad residency, entrepreneurial residency, investor residency, and residency through property purchase.


Alina and her dream team take immense pride and joy in the fact that their meticulous efforts and work have facilitated the successful relocation of over 2,000 families to Spain. With a client base exceeding 10,000 individuals from 20 different countries, nothing brings them greater satisfaction than witnessing the arrival of talented programmers, exceptional artists, and remarkable families to Spain. By assisting them, DreamLife Spain contributes to enriching the local society with valuable representatives from diverse cultures and backgrounds, making Spain an even better place for all.


Reliable partners play a significant role in DreamLife Spain’s successful operations. They have established connections with numerous government and private institutions, building a network of trusted allies. Their partners are leading Spanish companies, and DreamLife Spain is always open to new partnership opportunities. My dream came true, Alina says, and now I want to share my happiness by making other people’s dreams come true too.


CEO and Founder of immigration companies “DreamlifeWorld” and “Dreamlife Spain”
Barcelona, Spain