Our nominations and awards

The organizations Women's Entrepreneurship Day (WED) and the European Association of Business Development annually organize the prestigious award ceremony for the nominees of the "WOMAN 500 MOST POWERFUL WOMEN of THE WORLD" ranking. The ceremonies are attended by representatives of small, medium, and large businesses from various countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

The Forum's partners include renowned global organizations such as the UN, WED, VITAL VOICES, INNER WHEEL, WORLD WOMAN Magazine, WORLD WOMAN CLUB, European Association of Business Development, World Education, Science and Innovation Organisation, International Business Academy Consortium, and European Bureau for Business Development.

The primary MISSION of the nomination committees was to increase business activity between countries, establish direct business connections, foster economic progress, introduce business professionals to cutting-edge business ideas that have conquered the world, and facilitate knowledge sharing on scaling and accessing global markets.