Larisa Miller

I change minds and perspectives

Strategize and drive business on 6 continents

Reimaging the way forward using innovative strategies to gain the competitive edge


Growing up on a humble farm near Hershey, Pennsylvania, Larisa Miller knew from a young age that she was going to find a way to see and impact the world. Having spent much of the last two decades impacting the global business landscape, Larisa functions under the belief that it can no longer be us against each other, it must be us together for a solution.


Larisa Miller began her career with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, working as assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture, and later for the Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, with a focus on public policy. Larisa spent several years working as a personal advisor and head of business development and management for members of the Royal Family in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with focus on investment in sustainable development innovation, technology, energy, and agriculture/agriculture technology. Additionally, Larisa served as head of the Royal Family’s large non-profit foundation, which focused on women, youth, literacy, and education. Through her work with this UAE-based foundation, Larisa spent considerable time working with women and children in refugee camps in the Middle East (Iraq, Yemen and Jordan) and Africa, providing tools and resources necessary to encourage education and entrepreneurship.


Larisa serves as CEO of Phoenix Global, an international consulting and project management firm based in the USA and UAE, working with governmental/public sector and business clients on 6 continents to strategize and drive business, market development & expansion, and facilitation of capital projects, while driving business innovation and growth into the respective regions. With a focus on sustainability, technology, transportation, energy, education, media and entertainment, sports and agriculture, Larisa leads a renowned team of experts who are committed to reimagining the future of business and governance, making clients more resilient, sustainable, and profitable. “We are never going back to normal, because normal was the problem”, notes Larisa, “so it is critical that we reverse engineer our business models, having the courage to forge new pathways forward. We work with governmental and business clients to help them differentiate their strategies, policies and business models so that they can be the architects of a new way-forward, positioning themselves as the vanguards of their industries or sectors. To be successful in this transformational future of business, you must be brave enough to do business in ways others are not, in order to have opportunities that others don’t.” Phoenix Global helps clients to visualize and integrate new methods and operations so that they can realize greater sustainability, resiliency and profitability.


Larisa also serves as president and CEO of Keystone Farm Future, Inc., a vertically integrated livestock management company, architecting an innovative model for beef production, offering clients (supermarkets and restaurants) full control of their supply chain, with clear line of sight and transparency through all stages of production. Larisa believes that this time of disruption is also a pivotal and transformational time for business, requiring businesses to discard age-old legacy business models, reimaging the way forward using innovative strategies to gain the competitive edge. With food security being one of our greatest global crises, this is especially


important in the agriculture industry as it allows us to take control of our supply chains, giving consumers ready access to food, while strengthening our family farms, allowing them to continue the legacy of farming for future generations.


Larisa is an award-winning international keynote speaker, addressing audiences around the world on subjects such as entrepreneurship and the start-up mindset, business development, multi-sector investment, the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as motivating and empowering youth and women globally.


Larisa was named one of the Top 100 People in Finance by Top 100 magazine; Top 10 Most Influential Friends of Africa by Business in Africa magazine; 100 Global Women of Excellence by Sovereign Magazine; 10 Most Influential Business Leaders of 2021 by Exeleon magazine; and was the winner of the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award by Powerhouse Global magazine.


With a commitment to social impact, Larisa provides academic scholarships to youth who have the talent but who lack access to opportunity. “We have done a horrible job preparing the future for our youth, we have a responsibility to prepare the youth for the future”, notes Larisa.


CEO of Phoenix Global, LLC (Miami) & Phoenix Global UAE (Dubai)
President and CEO of Keystone Farm Future, Inc