Lilia Oliynyk

What could be Stronger than
Power of United Women?

Vice president of the International Club of
Successful Women WORLD WOMAN CLUB
Founder of TM I live

What could be stronger than power of united women ?

What needs more attention than children of the war in Ukraine ?

So we have to use our strength to support our future


Trying to make more children happier…


Lilia Oliynyk started her business activities long time ago at the age of 16 when she organized first trainings for little one as Lilia knew the more love and attention we pay to children the better world is changed for.


Currently she manages “I live center” for kids and parents trainings and pastime filled with different educational and free time programs.


Lilia Oliynyk also carried out TV program “Happy Family” , where leading experts and famous personalities were invited to share their knowledge and experience in bringing up a happy child.


Moreover, combining business, social activities and raising four children she shares her own way of achievements on the pages of Ukrainian and international printed, at forums and conferences as a speaker and participant.


Happy learning of different things and creative entertainment is important part of our children’s life and actually parents not always have enough time to support their children’s early talents or are able to provide their children with qualitative educational and free time programs, especially socially disadvantaged and multi child families. So, it’s important for government, private and social enterprises be leaders in these sphere.


Lilia Oliynyk is the owner of TM “ilive”, Head of NGO “I live in Harmony”, Head of Kiev International Successful Women Club, founder and publisher of the newspaper Eco Ukraine, initiator of International Ecological Forum. Social and charity activities: regular monthly events for children and parents of big families and unprotected families; as a partner supports lots of events in charity, as a speaker takes part in Forums devoted to women happiness, education, development, ecology


Today, the activity of every woman has long gone beyond being just a wife or mother, a housewife or a good specialist. Now women are the most active part of all the events taking place in society. These are exactly they are who can prompt, direct, support not just a specific person, but the whole society, because they are not indifferent to the future of the children. And all their activities are aimed exclusively at creation.


Lilia says:


"I participate in a lot of social and charity projects that support children and are aimed at improving the ecological situation in the country. I am sure that every woman can be involved in business contentedly, bring up children gladly, develop creatively, be socially successful, while remaining light, stylish, feminine and happy.”


Lilia Oliynyk was nominated to numerous awards and titles, only some of them are: 13 titles at home and international beauty pageant; Mother of the Year Award 2017; CosmoLady Award 2017; Top 100 Successful Women of Ukraine 2017 and 500 Influential Women of Ukraine according to the EABD version; III Millennium Woman Prize 2017; Business mother of the Year, NOVA magazine AWARDS 2019; Person of the Year 2019; Celebrity Award 2020; Cabinet Boss Award 2020; Mother of the Year ( Gran Prix ), Family of the Year 2021; Best TV Program, International Internet Film Festival STAR INDEPENDENT 2021; Тop 100 successfull Ukrainians, Ukrainian people 2021; Woman of the Year, Touch magazine, 2021


Lilia is eager to meet new partners and open for communication and partnership with home and foreign companies.


You can contact her:


Lilia Oliynyk


Vice president of the International Club of Successful Women WORLD WOMAN CLUB,
Founder of TM I live,