Olena Besedovska

To be the Reason Someone Believes

in Kind-Hearted People

Goal is to increase global awareness of Ukrainian traditions and food

Olena Besedovska – a mother, a keeper of the heath, an author, food-blogger, food enthusiast, volunteer, a very generous and positive woman who aims to create a place of hope and calmness, where one can feel protected, in the same way one feels in their mom’s kitchen.


Olena was an active activist throughout her life and she continues to do so, her aims include helping those in need. Special love for cooking sparked in her the idea to create her own cooking channel on YouTube, in a way of a hobby, which would soon expand to be a serious educatory project with more than 55 000 subscribers and fans. The channel plays an important role, especially during the full-scale invasion, working as a sort of ‘calming pill’, a therapy session, a place of inspiration and ideas for others.


A keeper of national cuisine and culture


The goal of the channel 'Cooking for the Loved Ones' is to gather, carefully store, and save recipes, as well as to study the non-materialistic cultural heritage of Bessarabia, a historic region in southern Ukraine. Olena travels through Bessarabia, bringing her subscribers with her at every turn. She meets new people who are cultural keepers/holders, she collects incredibly rare and ancient unique recipes, and she gives them a second life by writing about them on her channel. Mrs. Besedovska introduces them to Ukrainians as well as individuals from all around the world. As a result, the channel's second goal is to increase global awareness of Ukrainian traditions and food.



Aside from that, the channel is educational in nature, demonstrating how simple it is to prepare delicious meals.


As of now, Olena has collected a part of her recipes in a book, which she plans to present on EUROWOMAN Forum 2023 in Glasgow in July.


Оlena is an active participant in large-scale events aimed at uplifting the national spirit and strengthening love for Ukrainian culture. In May 2022, she joined the project "Born in an Embroidered Shirt" as part of a women's club initiative. In December 2022, she took part in the "Day of the Headscarf (Хустка)" event. As part of a visit by Women Leaders, she visited the women's organization "Vital Voice" and attended an award ceremony for women of peace under the patronage of H. Clinton.


On helping women


Olena Besedovska is a member of the "Women's Coalition 1325" and has been personally involved in the development of a local action plan to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on "Women, Peace, and Security." She is a delegate from Ukraine to EUROWOMAN 2023, and is a member of the World Women Club International. Olena is actively involved in aiding young mothers and women who have been victims of domestic abuse and violence.


There are no strangers' children. Olena took part in a charity action on Children's Day, June 3, 2023, when she presented gifts to all of the children who attended the event. She prepared cookies, which she distributed to everyone of the attendees, along with children's books that she read aloud to the children.


On supporting Ukraine


Since 24th February 2022, Olena has been serving as a volunteer coordinator for the charitable organization "Vse Bude Ukraina" (Everything Will Be Ukraine). From the early days of the full-scale war, the organisation has been actively engaged in combating the enemy and providing assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU), veterans, children, and women.


Olena maintains constant communication with the military personnel whom she supports along with her entire family. As part of her work with the organization "Vse Bude Ukraina," she organized a field kitchen that served 150 people.


Thanks to the popularity of her channel, Olena receives assistance for Ukraine from all corners of the world and is able to help an even larger number of people. She serves as a conduit for goodness and acts as a beacon of hope.


Collaboration with major publishing houses to translate and publish the book "Travelling through the South of Bessarabia with Besedovska," which is currently ready for publication, into several languages would be very interesting. Collaboration with culinary brands for advertising collaborations on the channel is also appealing.


Her daughter Oleksandra, on Olena: My mum is a strong woman, who is not afraid to share her kindness with the world! Her never-ending generosity and uplifting spirit is what inspires me the most. I am honoured to be a part of her project (the cookbook) and I cannot wait to present it. I aspire to be like my mum one day :)


Member of the International Club of Successful Women WORLD WOMAN CLUB


Founder of “Cooking for Loved ones” channel


Volunteer in “Vse bude Ukraïna” (Everything will be Ukraine) charity foundation


A member of women’s coalition 1325


Odesa, Ukraine