Nataliia Choban

Only United People are Capable of any Changes

Dentist, Chairman, Charitable Foundation «Corp 32»

A successful dentist with 11 years of experience


Nataliia Choban is a successful dentist with 11 years of experience. She always wanted to be a doctor and do something related to improving the quality of life.


Love and dedication to the profession led Nataliia Choban to success in career growth. Of course, the main motivation along the way was grateful and happy patients who not only managed to treat their teeth, but also changed their lives.


February 24, 2022 is a day that changed not only the native country, but also the life of a dentist. Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ms. Nataliya has taken the initiative to provide free assistance to displaced persons and military personnel with acute toothache. At that moment, charity for Nataliia Choban became an opportunity to be useful through her mind, thoughts and actions — this is how her dental front has begun.


Also, from the first days of the war, Nataliia Choban began active social and volunteer activities and joined the Coordination Headquarters of the Odesa Regional State Administration.


Ms. Nataliia convinced that in such a difficult time it is important to demonstrate unity, because only united people are capable of any changes.


Nataliia Choban founded the charitable foundation «Corp32» in summer, 2022. The main goal of this fund is a healthy nation even in times of war.


The «Corp32» has already become a generator of changes and an initiator of various projects. One of the largest projects is mobile dentistry «The Smile Bus». This is a car integrated with dental equipment and staff that provides medical care to patients outside the dental clinic, specifically in those points and towns where it simply does not exist due to the war. One such specialized machine will be able to serve more than 3,000 people a year.


The main goal of Nataliia Choban's activity is to ensure the health of the nation by creating and spreading conditions for the provision of assistance, which will increase the quality of people’s lifes, economic and social indicators of Ukraine.


The activity of the fund «Corp32» is already solving a number of pressing problems today:

  • provision of dental care in the territories where IDPs live;
  • creation of jobs for IDPs, employment of medical personnel;
  • help for people who run out of money, who lost their homes and families, provision of high-quality medical care to children through the removal of psycho-emotional overstrain and fear;
  • information support for children about the importance of oral care and health in general.

The Charity Foundation «Corp 32» unites dental professionals and volunteers who help internally displaced persons, military personnel and children with acute toothache, as well as in the direction of prevention of diseases of the oral cavity and the body as a whole. Starting from February 24, Nataliia Choban helped heal the teeth of more than half a thousand immigrants temporarily living in Odessa and more than twenty defenders free of charge.


Today, the ambitious and important goal of dentist and philanthropist Nataliia Choban is to implement the large-scale mobile dentistry project «The Smile Bus» with the involvement of ambassadors, including top politicians, show business stars and the corporate sector.


To start the project «Corp 32» needs a car converted with specialized dental equipment or $100,000. At this stage, a team of Ukrainian doctors and nurses is ready to join the project.


All Ukrainians are grateful to the international community for its enormous support in this difficult time, but we still need your help, because only together we can do more good deeds and important charitable missions.


The team of the charitable foundation «Corp32» will be grateful for your support of the project «The Smile Bus» in the form of partnership, sponsorship, material or non-material assistance.


To join the great mission of supporting and preserving the health of Ukrainians, you can contact the fund «Corp 32» by email с

or make a donation to the bank account IBAN UA143071230000026002011158117.


Dentist, Chairman, Charitable Foundation “Corp 32

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