Alla Studilko

Empowering Women in Crisis

Chair of the Vinnytsia Regional Human Rights Organization “Spring of Hope”




Alla Studilko, born in 1966, is the Chair of the Vinnytsia Regional Human Rights Organization "Spring of Hope". With a wealth of experience and a long-standing career, she is widely recognized as a prominent public activist, an initiator, and a talented organizer of social initiatives in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.




The organization headed by Alla is engaged in the protection of people's rights and the expansion of economic opportunities for women. Alla is dedicated to tackling the multifaceted social challenges faced by socially vulnerable individuals. Drawing from personal experiences and a profound understanding of their struggles, she co-founded and spearheaded the establishment of the Vinnytsia Regional Human Rights Organization "Spring of Hope" in 2006. Her unwavering leadership continues to drive the organization's development, growth, and societal engagement.




The organization has been instrumental in creating and implementing more than 200 impactful social projects within Vinnytsia and the Vinnytsia region (Ukraine). These diverse projects encompass critical areas such as the prevention and combat of human trafficking, the mitigation of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, socio-economic support for internally displaced persons, promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment among socially vulnerable individuals in Vinnytsia, and the eradication of prejudice and discrimination faced by these populations. In 2018, Alla and her team created a shelter for women victims of gender-based violence, and in 2021, a social enterprise Studio "Source of Beauty" was created. The synergy of these initiatives complements each other and enhances their impact.




Under Alla's guidance, the organization has achieved remarkable success. Over 2,300 labor migrants, workers, and victims of human trafficking have received comprehensive reintegration assistance, allowing them to reclaim their inner potential and enhance their overall quality of life. Providing psychological, legal, social, material, and economic support to over 2,000 internally displaced families, the organization has made a tangible difference. Moreover, more than 50 groups comprising socially vulnerable Vinnytsia residents have acquired the skills necessary to establish, plan, and develop their own businesses.


Additionally, over 800 private entrepreneurs in Vinnytsia have benefited from participating in "Spring of Hope" projects, thereby contributing to the economic development of the Vinnytsia region. Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion on the territory of Ukraine, Alla's significant personal and professional contribution has been made in the creation of the Day Center in 2022 and the organization of its effective activities. More than 12,000 affected families received humanitarian support: crisis aid and complex social, psychological, and legal support for integration at the place of resettlement.




Alla actively seeks collaborations with organizations and individuals who can help amplify the impact of their work on socially vulnerable groups. By fostering partnerships, she aims to extend the reach of the organization's initiatives and enhance the well-being of women and girls in need.


Chair of the Vinnytsia Regional Human Rights Organization “Spring of Hope”,
Member of the International Club of Successful Women WORLD WOMAN CLUB


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Vinnytsia Regional Human Rights Organization "Spring of Hope"




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