Elena Lee

Dolce-Pharm: Empowering
Safety and Care Worldwide

Providing personal protective equipment entire population

Health and safety take center stage


“Dolce” company was founded in 1998 with an initial investment of $200. It started in a rented one-room apartment, which served as both an office and a warehouse for the first batches of medical products. This marked the beginning of a great enterprise. The founder, Elena Lee, wanted to produce a product specifically for Kazakhstan. At that time, all masks, gloves, and syringes were fully imported. There was a desire to move away from dependence on imported goods that affect the health of Kazakhstanis.


The efficiency of a company's production is often judged by the "before and after" indicator. If the company started with 20 employees, it now has over 350. The range of products has grown to include over 200 different items. The company supplies half of the domestic market with locally produced goods. In 2020, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, visited the company's production facilities and highly praised Dolce's contribution to the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry.


“Dolce” with "Dolce-Pharm" brand is the largest manufacturer of disposable medical products in Kazakhstan. The company's range includes 200 high-quality medical products for various medical fields, as well as "Ultra-Adsorb" activated charcoal. The company's products are supplied to all medical institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan and several foreign countries.


No examination or surgery can be conducted without specialized medical kits by “Dolce-Pharm”. It was our specialists who were the first in the CIS to develop and patent masks with activated charcoal filters.


The company's efforts during the pandemic - medical organizations and the population were supplied with protective masks, gloves, and clothing. The company worked nearly around the clock and delivered huge volumes of products.


"Dolce-Pharm" pursues an active foreign trade policy. The company's strategy involves expanding the geographical distribution of its products on all continents, with a special focus on Europe, Africa, and ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.).


The company aims to distribute production franchises and establish an extensive network of distribution franchises.


For over a year, the "Dolce-Pharm" team has been working on creating a comprehensive franchising package that includes accumulated materials on business processes, achievements, failures, and crisis management solutions.


The company has reached a higher level, and it is ready to share its knowledge base and provide support in opening new production and distribution offices, both in Kazakhstan and beyond. Twenty-five years ago, the company began implementing the culture of using disposable items, accumulating extensive experience in this field.


"We started with implementation and training, which is what we do well. And of course, the new centers will also engage in this. We hope that this will allow us to accomplish a strategically important task for any country – providing personal protective equipment not only to doctors but to the entire population," said Elena Lee.


We are open to partnership and collaboration. We have experience and proven growth and development of the company, which guarantees our ability to overcome any difficulties in the establishment of new projects and the expansion of business, both in terms of production and geography.


Founder of “Dolce-Group” LLP with Dolce-Pharm brand