Irene Khajalia

Nothing Is Impossible as
the Word Itself Says I’m Possible!

CEO and Founder of ETI-2000
English Language Centre,
Batumi, Georgia

One of the first women in Georgian education business


Irene Khajalia got disability in her early childhood due to improper medical treatment within Soviet medicine. She destroyed all barriers created against disabled people by Soviet regime and turned her “impossible” dreams into “possible” realities! Irene excelled in her education and later Linguistic University with top Honours. She has never stopped developing her personal growth and continued her education completing via both Law and PR Schools. Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School followed shortly by a PhD from the Georgian National Academy of Science, and a stint as a life coach. After the destruction of the Soviet Union Irene worked as a translator for the Government Administration, US Embassy, EBRD, FORBES Magazine Georgia, among others. Being an active citizen, she enrolled in the Council of Europe’s Political School in Strasbourg, and broke ground as the first disabled person to found her own business in Georgia.




Receiving recognition from peers and earning public respect Ms Khajalia founded English Language Centre ETI-2000 to pass her knowledge and skills to younger generations in post-Soviet Georgia. ETI-2000 was first ever language centre in the region achieving the British Council’s exclusive Gold Partner status and Cambridge Assessment English Qualification. The International Swiss Rating Association, and National Business Association of Georgia named the Centre a “Leader of the Branch” for five times, even going so far as to awarding ETI-2000 with “The Permanent Leader” prize. For her outstanding achievements and distinguished service Ms Khajalia received a special award for “Contribution to Education” by Ministry of Education and Chamber of Commerce of Ajara Region.


Irene has combined her vast experience in the fields of language education, coaching and public relations management to provide a wider range of unique training solutions. She leads her company with the expressed goal of providing a raft of training services to teach new generation a wider range of choices due to the perspective she attained through her knowledge of English. Nowadays, English is not just the state language for Britain and the US, it is the language for global communication, and if you want to achieve anything of value in your life, not only abroad but at home, besides the mother language you should fluently speak this global language of diplomacy, commerce and communication. Providing access and educational opportunity to Georgia’s post-Soviet generations had been Irene’s driving force.


ETI-2000 has placed dozens of excellent alumni across various fields of study at prestigious universities, colleges, and schools mostly in Britain, the USA, and Europe.


Being an active citizen, Ms Khajalia has had a vision that advanced language skill development is not the only priority. Students are taught leadership and team building features at her Centre. She believes these personal characteristics are absolutely necessary to build a democratic society in Georgia. Social and civic engagement, permanent involvement into regional life is also among the top priorities of her activity.


Tomorrow’s global citizens and world leaders should focus on common human values, thus participating in educational exchange programmes for younger generation is essential. This is the key to global success and certainly a ground for opening international borders. Irene Khajalia has been cooperating with such leading educational institutions in UK as the British Council, Regent Language Training, OISE, Buckswood School (Hastings), Manchester City Football Academy Summer School, also American High School LEAF Academy in Bratislava, and British Study Centre on Malta.




Offering access to high level knowledge of English, international contacts, world leading educational institutions, exchange programmes, professional trainings, and conferences are just a few of services you can find at ETI-2000. Balance between important personal achievements, academic quality, and care that each student becomes a worthy part of civil society, are primary goals of Irene’s daily work. Diverse attitudes, academic and personal development, involvement in social activities, and fulfilling modern world standards make Irene’s students ready for global community.


CEO and Founder of ETI-2000

English Language Centre, Batumi, Georgia