Doina Paskal

Doina’s Charity Work is Well
Known Outside Ukraine

Charity Provider, Volunteer

PASKAL Doina Valeriivna, charity provider, volunteer, born on September 20, 1980 in Ukraine.


Doina started volunteer work in 1995 in a volunteer centre of Hertsa District Veterans Council, where she helped WWII veterans and disabled persons and the elderly people together with her classmates. Since 2005 she has worked and developed volunteer and charity efforts outside Ukraine. Doina’s charity work is well known outside Ukraine. She signed over 45 memoranda of cooperation with international partners for the purpose of development of volunteer and charity work from children to the elderly in and outside Ukraine.


In 2014 she opened a branch of her charitable fund in Ukraine. The fund provides charity, social welfare services, psychological aid and rehabilitation. Since the start of the war in 2014 Doina’s team has delivered humanitarian aid to all regions in the war zone to Ukrainians who need it so much.


A large scope of aid was sent to medical facilities, orphanages, retirement homes. Doina has memoranda of cooperation signed with our Ukrainian charitable funds in various fields, such as humanitarian aid, medical, psychological and legal aid. She held many international and national exhibitions, fairs, festivals and master classes for support.


After the start of the full-scale aggression of Russia against Ukraine Doina’s team did not cease its activities, but became more active providing help to Ukrainian civilians and soldiers. Already on day 4 after the war started the first humanitarian cargo for displaced persons arrived to Ukraine from Doina’s team. Since 2022 to date she has delivered a lot of humanitarian aid to our soldiers on the front line and in hospitals, including food, clothes, medicines, personal hygiene items, etc.


The team also helped with evacuation of adults and children from the occupied territories. From day 1 the team made arrangements and received displaced persons in a hostel around the clock, with meals 3 times a day. Over 8 thousand displaced persons were provided with accommodation during one year of the war. Doina’s team intends to open a rehabilitation centre for soldiers and children in Ukraine.


For her volunteer and charity work Doina was awarded letters of commendation and appreciation from public authorities and military units, and received a decoration “Volunteer of Ukraine”.