Nadiya Perina

I change the Beauty Industry

Her pioneering way towards the global world of beauty

Her story started with an ordinary hair salon

in the residential area of Odesa.



The word STYLYST was not in the running at that time. However, with all her irrepressible energy and craving for creativity it was not for Nadiya to be just a regular hairdresser. Having mastered her beloved profession, she started her pioneering way towards the global world of beauty, making colleagues and relatives rather skeptical and confused.


It was a long journey of ups and downs, competitions and training in the best world academies, such as Vidal Sassoon, Toni&Guy, Llongueras, and Pivot Point.


Her high level of professional expertise is well confirmed with the numerous diplomas and cups for participation in World Championships.


The audience applauded to Nadiya in Paris when she was granted the Chevalerie Award (Knight), also when she was receiving the High Award from the Intercoiffure "The Personality of the Year" for the development of Hairdressing Art in Ukraine.


She cries with joy in Las Vegas, taking the highest step on the World Championship Podium, holding the Cup of "The Best Team in Eastern Europe".


There is a whole kaleidoscope of European Championships where she participated.


The name"Hairstyle Studio by Nadiya Perina" had appeared long before the studio was opened. It was a cumulative name of creative young masters, brought up by Nadiya.


Rare combination of talent and pedagogical gift allowed her to train all-star team of masters.


They participated in all cultural events of the city, including fashion shows, festivals and photo sessions. They won all contests in Ukraine and abroad.


Soon the Studio was happy to find its home in Admiralskiy Avenue.


It immediately became one of the most popular and beloved studios in the city. Not only Odessits, but also the guests of the city entrust care of their image to the masters of the Studio. The Studio proudly wears the star of the International Organisation for the Intercoiffure Professionals.


Every customer of the Studio feels the warm atmosphere, professionalism and creative energy that evoke an irresistible desire to stay here longer, and come here over and over again.


All masters develop and live out a philosophy of beauty and success. When clients are happy with themselves, they exude confidence. As a common fact, success and recognition are attracted by confident people.


Special mastery of Nadiya's team lies in the ability to emphasize the assets and reveal true personality uniqueness. Managing image helps to achieve recognition and attract success.


Authorial Hairdressing School is over 20 years old. It holds the license by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


Hundreds of successful graduates, Nadiya's son being one of them, work in different corners of the world, actively developing and promoting the Beauty Industry of Ukraine. They also create training centers, representing their country in the World Championships and Forums.


Every year the team of Ukrainian Intercoiffure masters from different cities present collections of modern trends in Hairdressing. Moreover, they participate in charitable educational program "Education for Life"-free training for teenages- orphans and those from low-income families.


Today Nadiya Perina proudly and deservedly belongs to the team of trendsetters of the world.


Founder and inspirational leader of the “Hairstyle Studio by Nadiya Perina”,
Founder of Author’s Hairdressing School,
An expert, Stylist with an international name, World Class Master,
Member of the Intercoiffure Mondial International, the Elite Professional Organisation

Odesa, Ukraine