Olga Azarova

World’s # 1 in Business Education

Global franchise to grow up a powerful next generation

The one who created the startup movement for children!


Olga Azarova is an entrepreneur and scientist who has created a new direction in the education market – World-Class Business Education for children aged 6-18 as a weekend model.


Ms.Azarova and her husband are well-known entrepreneurs who manage more than 40 enterprises in various industries. In 2000, a new direction was added to these businesses – educational franchises, which made a revolution in the education market, allowing to quickly and efficiently supplementing the existing system of mass education with the latest practical methods and programmes.


Raising their own children and discovering that ordinary general schools are aimed only at giving children knowledge in the form of memorizing facts, she and her husband concluded that such an education for modern children is insufficient. Studying only the theory of sciences without practice

and experiments for 12 years at school, the child is not able to form his/her outstanding character and innovative entrepreneurial thinking. That is why Ms. Azarova, as an entrepreneur and scientist, set about creating a new industry – children’s business education with unique study books, business incubators, business forums and Startup World Cup Championships.



For the rapid development of children’s business education globally, Olga and Andrey Azarov created a form of scaling – “educational franchises”, creating more than 100 books and textbooks, and standardizing all stages of doing business. All this allowed other entrepreneurs easily and  quickly acquire franchises, which rapidly developed a global network of franchisees from among the entrepreneurs who want to introduce a new quality of education in their countries.


Among the 12 educational franchises created by Ms. Azarova, the most popular and in demand are MiniBoss Business School, BigBoss Business School, Leonardo Art School, Einstein Science School, Royal British School, 100% Film School.


Internationally known for her expertise in franchising, Ms. Azarova counsels franchise associations and industry leaders on five continents.



In 2007, Ms Azarova established the World Woman Club International Network, bringing  together thousands of women from 23 countries and providing a platform for their development and partnerships. In 2015, she was chosen as a laureate of the FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Global Mentoring Program with the leadership of the US State Department and Vital Voices Global Partnership. In 2023, she initiated the EUROWOMAN Global Leadership ForumWOMEN’S  DIPLOMACY to stop the war in Ukraine and create new foundations for security in Europe and whole world.


Ms. Azarova has been named among the Top 100 Most Powerful Women, 100 Most Influential Women in Education, Top 100 Influential Women of Ukraine and Top 10 Businesswomen in Franchising.

Founder & CEO
World Education, Science and Innovation Organisation, www.wesio.org
MiniBoss Business School, www.miniboss-school.com
BigBoss Business School, www.bigboss-school.com
Leonardo Art School, www.leonardo-school.com
Einstein Science School, www.einstein-school.com
Royal British School, www.royal-british.net
100% Film School, www.film-school.biz
Startup World Cup Championship, www.startupworldcup.biz
World Woman Club, www.world-woman.com

Glasgow, United Kingdom