Olena Isayeva

The woman who created a unique
brand in a purely male business

Only Ukrainian woman who manages a foundry company

An unbending Ukrainian metallurgist who has revived
her business three times over the last 10 years


The woman who created a unique brand in a purely male business


Olena Isayeva is one of the most famous women in the foundry industry of Ukraine. In 2008 she quitted the job of an accountant to organize her own business in Donbas, Ukrfavorit LTD. Under her leadership the company quickly became the market leader and started cooperation with the largest enterprises of Ukraine and Europe.


The war in Ukraine made the company relocate twice, in 2014 to Melitopol, then in 2022, when Melitopol was occupied, the company had to be evacuated again to the central part of Ukraine and bootstrap the work of the main office, as all the facilities were left occupied. Despite the war state after a year Ukrfavorit regained its leadership position and currently covers 33% of the total foundry materials market in Ukraine.


Innovations in the industry


Olena Isaieva's activities are aimed at popularizing and increasing the prestige of the foundry industry and overcoming issues on the entrepreneurship development. Over several years, Olena Isaieva was able to attract the attention of public organizations, specialized parliamentary committees and the government of Ukraine to the industry. Ukrfavorit’s specialists have adopted the European experience and introduced new technologies of cold-box and no-bake processes. Since 2017 Olena Isaieva has begun cooperating with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, receiving grants for her own innovative projects. In 2020 she initiated creation of a unique product, a series of video lessons on implementation of technical processes in production. The lessons have no analogues in the world.


English traditions in Ukrainian foundry


The symbol of long-standing traditions in foundry production is England. The symbol of introduction of those English traditions in Ukrainian foundry is Ukrfavorit. The list of products and services of the company includes binder resin systems, coatings, equipment for cold-box and no-bake process. Our innovation is the contract for the service and maintenance of foundry enterprises where we provide monitoring the operation of equipment and the technological process according to the European standards against the background of reducing defects. Ukrfavorite also conducts training and workshops for technical personnel and supplies castings of various configurations for export.


Recognition from the authorities and the business community


For the significant achievements Olena Isaieva was repeatedly awarded as “The best employer of Melitopol”, “The best taxpayer” (2 years in a row), “Business Woman of the Year” as well as for high results of economic activity, significant contribution to the development of Melitopol and Zaporizhia Region, formation of a positive image of Melitopol in Ukraine and abroad, for an active public position and popularization of women's entrepreneurship, for the development of the women's business movement in Ukraine.


In November 2020, Olena Isaieva became the new WED UN Ambassador. Currently she is one of the TOP-100 women entrepreneurs of Ukraine, a member of the Association of Foundries of Ukraine and Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a co-organizer of “MLT Business Women's Club”, deputy head of the Coordinating Council for Enterprise Development of the Region. Olena Isaieva is actively engaged in public activities and participates in various business forums as a speaker.


The leader who makes the world move faster


Now Olena Isaieva participates in the development and implementation of strategic planning aimed at the development of the industrial sector of Ukraine. In order to implement the planned projects, she cooperates with international organizations and world business leaders to exchange experience aimed at support and mentoring for students of industrial universities and popularization of the foundry and metallurgist professions.


Ms. Isaieva did the impossible and dispelled the myth that foundry is a man's industry. She is the only Ukrainian woman who owns a foundry company. Therefore, a partnership with such an experienced and successful entrepreneur could contribute the global sustainable development.


Ukrfavorit LTD,

Company Owner

Kiev, Ukraine