Lyudmila Zotova

Defender of the Rule of Law

Assistant consultant to a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

 Ukrainian human rights defender, public figure, diplomat, politician, lawyer, volunteer!




Lyudmila Pavlivna Zotova is a Ukrainian human rights activist, civil society leader, diplomat, politician, lawyer, volunteer. A girl from an Ukrainian village who, due to self-improvement and continuous education, made her way from a legal adviser to a Deputy assistant in the parlaiament of Ukraine. While getting an education, she wanted to know her rights and be able to protect them. And today she is protecting the rights of Ukraine and changing the world.




Ludmila Zotova is the author of hundreds of petitions and appeals to the parliaments and governments of foreign countries, world leaders, and international organizations with the aim of recognizing the Russian Federation as a state-sponsor of terrorism and a state that uses means of terrorism; recognition of its political regime as terrorist; prosecution of those guilty of international crimes against Ukraine; increasing the military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, necessary for the protection of the civilian population and the full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized state border.


She helped to record the crimes of the aggressor-country gathering evidences for law enforcement agencies.


Every day in Russia's war against Ukraine the world loses outstanding scientist, politician, doctor, engineer, IT expert, investor who could change the world!


To save one person is to save the world!




Together with Ukrainian deputy she was the developer of hundreds of draft laws and more than a thousand of proposals to the current legislation of Ukraine.


As a lawyer and human rights protector, as a deputy assistant-consultant, in cooperation with the coordination headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war and the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, she helps in search and return of prisoners to Ukraine.


Also she provides advices on legal and procedural issues to relatives of injured and murdered, helps to collect and issue documents for receiving privileges.


She is a member of the charity initiative "Lawyers of the ZSU" on the "People's Advocate" platform.




Together with the team of Ukrainian Deputy Hennadiy Vatsak, employees of the Confectionery House "Vatsak", food manufacturers, have collected and shipped food to the territories freed from occupation.


She organized the evacuation of women and children to safer areas, including abroad, and helped the sick.


Like thousands of Ukrainians, she became an expert in military equipment, ammunition, and medicines.


Charity events have become a part of life and another way to help the military.




Lyudmila always defended her rights, her friends and colleagues.


Probably by means of these qualities that she was the head of the class, group, head of public organizations, headed legal sectors, departments, and is currently a member of the International Club of Successful Women «WOMEN OF UKRAINE», became the winner of the vote in the project "Woman of Vinnychyna" and a nominee for the National Award "The Best Ukrainian in professions 2023".


For her high level of professionalism, she was awarded certificates of honor at various levels. For a significant contribution to the construction of a decent standard of living, a high level of people's culture and economic prosperity of Ukraine, she was included in the top 100 people of whom modern Ukraine is proud.


Laureate of the TOP-100 Global Ranking of Successful Business Women.


For her active civic position, dedication, high level of patriotism and assistance to military personnel, she was awarded diplomas of military units and territorial communities.


Assistant consultant to a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,

Member of the International Club of SuccessfulWomenWORLDWOMANCLUB