Lyudmila Stanislavenko

Integrates Ukrainian women into the global
democratic community of progressive women

The President of Suprime Counsil of

the World Woman Club International Network,
Founder of Liudmyla Stanislavenko Charity Found

Volunteering is a one-way ticket


Lyudmila Stanislavenko is the founder of a charitable organization, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the "International Club of Successful Women "World Woman Club", ambassador of the UN Women's Entrepreneurship WED, politician, public figure, volunteer, psychologist. She was one of the first to actively work on issues related to combating domestic violence, gender equality, inclusiveness, and mental health.


Expert in the implementation of socially important projects


In order to implement initiatives that change people's lives, Lyudmila Stanislavenko combined many years of experience in public and volunteer activities with political ones. She initiated the creation of a center for combating domestic violence in Vinnytsia, presented projects aimed at creating a society of equal opportunities, and actively worked on issues of gender equality. Over time, she expanded the scope of her projects and began to implement measures aimed at the development of Ukrainian culture and identity. And after the start of the armed aggression, she began to provide psychological support to servicemen, IDPs, and families who lost their loved ones.


Support of socially vulnerable population groups


On the initiative of Lyudmila Stanislavenko, more than 700 social and charitable projects were implemented in Podilla, during which millions of hryvnias were collected to support the needy. Among the incredible number of events, some take place every year - "Woman of Vinnytsia", "Deputy's Kitchen", "Tree of dreams", "Give an embroidered shirt to a newborn", "Touch of an angel", "Winged with a pink ribbon", etc.. One of the most important and significant is the introduction and celebration of the Day of the Ukrainian Handkerchief on December 7.


The start of the coronavirus pandemic has somewhat changed the key areas of assistance. Lyudmila Stanislavenko attracted more than 5 million UAH to fight the epidemic. At the same time, it continued to provide immediate assistance to Podolians, military personnel who defended the sovereignty of Ukraine and underwent rehabilitation in the Vinnytsia region.


February 24, 2022 was a real test and shock for Ms. Lyudmila, as well as for millions of Ukrainians. However, having many years of experience working with the military, she understood that people's lives depend on the speed and correctness of the decisions made. So, together with the team, she started doing what she has been doing for the past 20 years - helping those in need even more diligently. Consolidation of efforts, equanimity, and readiness to make decisions made it possible to establish the process quickly. At first, they supported military personnel, TRO. Subsequently, she created a center for the reception of refugees, in which more than seven thousand people received help from the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Later, it established cooperation with foreign partners and began to hand over medicines, ammunition, thermal imagers, walkie-talkies, and, of course, cars to Ukrainian defenders.


Time-tested leadership


Ms. Lyudmila received dozens of certificates and thanks for her many years of activity and active civic position. In addition, she became a laureate of the contests "Charity of Vinnytsia", "Business Elite of Podillia", "Person of the Year". Winner of the "EUROWOMAN2018: Woman of the Year" rating. The owner of the title "Mrs. Charity" and "WOMEN - POLITICAL LEADERS 2020". Awarded the orders of Queen Anna "Honor of the Fatherland", "For civic valor" and "Guardian of Ukraine".


The President of Suprime Counsil of the World Woman Club International Network,
Founder of Liudmyla Stanislavenko Charity Found,