Lyazzat Alshinova

Empowering Women Leaders as World Changers

Social Entrepreneur,
Founder of PF “Zamandas 21”,
Founder of sewing social workshop “Mariya”,
Member of Rotary Club of Astana

Empowering Women Leaders as World Changers




Lyazzat Alshinova is a renowned social entrepreneur, founder, and director of Public Fund “Zamandas 21” since 2010. Through projects like the "Family Neighborhood Club - a movement in the interests of children", Children's Street Hockey League, and Maria Social Workshop, she creates a significant impact. She promotes community engagement, empowers children from low-income, large families, and supports women in challenging circumstances. Collaborating with local organizations, she addresses social issues and positively impacts diverse individuals.




Lyazzat Alshinova, a proactive force for change, refuses to wait for changes from others. With a focus on aiding vulnerable families, children, and adolescents, she takes matters into her own hands to make an immediate impact. Lyazzat's unwavering commitment stems from her belief in sharing happiness and utilizing her knowledge and resources to help others. She champions social projects not out of personal hardship but from an intrinsic desire to see widespread happiness. Rather than dwelling on societal issues, she embodies a proactive mindset, driven by her love for her country and surroundings.


Her vision is to create a realm of happiness, particularly for children who represent the utmost value to society. By nurturing their confidence, offering support, and fostering kindness, she envisions these children as the foundation of a strong nation. Lyazzat firmly believes that a contented family begets a flourishing nation, and those who receive assistance during challenging times will pay it forward in the future. With boundless passion and inspiration, she derives profound joy from her socially-driven endeavors, making a lasting difference in the lives she touches.




Lyazzat Alshinova, along with her dedicated team, drives impactful projects to fulfill her mission. One notable success is the "Family Courtyard Club - Movement for Children's Interests" in Astana, Kazakhstan. This initiative provides free services to vulnerable families, including additional education, leisure activities, psychological support, professional retraining, and women's employment opportunities.


The project aims to: 

  • Foster children's creative potential, leadership qualities, and social engagement.
  • Strengthen parent-child and family relationships, promoting family values.
  • Achieving these goals involves:
  • Clubs and sections for children, adolescents, and youth.
  • Summer camps, winter ice hockey games.
  • Cultural and mass events, family celebrations.
  • Charitable activities.
  • "Happy Family" club with training and seminars for parents.
  • Professional retraining for parents.
  • The target audience comprises children and parents from large, low-income, and orphaned families, as well as children with disabilities. The clubs cater to children aged 6 to 18, while the youth co-working space welcomes individuals aged 15 to 22.

Lyazzat Alshinova's unwavering commitment to uplifting vulnerable families and empowering children and parents drives the diverse range of services offered through her projects.




Lyazzat Alshinova's work has made a significant social impact in recent years. Through the support of the Samruk-Kazyna Trust, Social Development Foundation, the project expanded from one to seven clubs in the capital of Kazakhstan, benefiting 2,700 children, who have an access to 28 activities. Additionally, there is a youth coworking space that attracts 900 teenagers and young adults. The project ensures that all participating children and youth have a fulfilling and productive leisure time while acquiring valuable knowledge and skills.


Achievements include children excelling in various competitions, positive changes in family relationships through the "Happy Family" club for attending parents, women acquiring of new professional skills and knowledge, and the establishment of initiatives such as summer camps, a neighborhood hockey league, and a social sewing workshop. The project has received a lot of recognition and awards for its effectiveness, including being named a finalist by Global TIES USA.




To enhance her global influence, she envisions strategic partnerships with the following key collaborators:


Global Thought Leaders and Influencers: Collaborating with renowned experts and influential figures to leverage their expertise, networks, and platforms for greater reach and impact.


International Organizations and Institutions: Forging alliances with global organizations and institutions committed to addressing pressing global challenges and driving sustainable development.


Social Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Joining forces with visionary entrepreneurs and innovators to develop innovative solutions that tackle social and environmental issues, driving positive change and inspiring others.


Philanthropic Foundations and Impact Investors: Partnering with foundations and investors aligned with her mission to secure resources and support for scaling up initiatives and creating sustainable, long-term impact.


Through strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders, she envisions becoming a true world changer. By collaborating with influential individuals, organizations, and institutions across borders, she can leverage collective strengths, knowledge, and resources to make a lasting and transformative impact on the world.




Facebook: Lyazzat Alshinova

Phone number: +7 (701) 999-36-43