Irena Bryk

The woman, who tamed the Sun

She makes businesses and people energy-independent

The one that manages energies!




Irena Brik is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, business owner, and social innovator, she has been creating and managing men's businesses for a quarter of a century and proving to the perimeter that everything is simple.


Mrs. Irena created her first company at the age of 24 - it was a crazy step for a young girl from a low-income family and a crazy desire to change the world. Construction of private houses - the business start of a young businesswoman was so ungirlish and mega ambitious.


There are no problems; there are situations and tasks - a motivational beacon and installation that encourages to generate ideas and create new ones, to be flexible, to master a vast amount of skills, abilities, knowledge, and information in various niches and areas


And as a result – an innovative technology company in solar energy has high expertise in various fields, demand, and professional recognition in Ukraine and beyond.




Expert in the field of alternative energy and energy-efficient technologies. Associate consultant in passive building design and energy-efficient design. Expert in systematic personality development and creative intelligence. Certified specialist in Service Design and Design Thinking for Innovation, professional psychologist, NLP practitioner, coach and business trainer, transformational leader of business and social systems, consultant to first-person companies and top management with more than 10,000 hours of personal coaching sessions, 4,000+ hours of consultations and private growth sessions, nine years of coaching experience with companies and personnel.




The development of alternative energy in the world is one of the primary and essential global goals of sustainable development, adopted in 2015 by the UN. This is the main task of Ms. Irena in her activities today.


Making everyone energy-independent - this is the mission that Irena Brik's team in Ukraine carries out daily, assembling and installing solar power plants of all types and types and backup power systems for businesses, enterprises, factories, schools, hospitals, private homes... This allows having your electricity and is energy independent for Ukrainians in such difficult times.


My Sunnn is our brand of solar equipment, which was "born" on the wave of events in Ukraine - solar generators, charging stations, and Smart Storage Systems.


Solar gadgets manufactured by the brand have been sent for a year to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the National Guard of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, individual divisions, units, military personnel, as well as citizens in de-occupied territories in need of assistance.




An integral and essential part of Mrs. Irena's life. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, together with like-minded people, she created an orphanage for children orphaned during the bombings, which she still cares for today. He is a member of the supervisory board of the "Dobrodearium" humanitarian foundation, which rescues war orphans in Ukraine. Ambassador and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Charitable Organization "International Charitable Foundation "Ukrainian House," whose mission is to solve humanitarian problems. President of the public organization "Mission M" - help to women.


Awarded: diplomas from the Cherkasy Regional State Administration and the Department of Family and Youth Affairs for a playful attitude in life and for promoting the recovery of exceptional children from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions; Order of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Holy Princess Olga for services to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.; the "Golden Scythian Pectoral" medal of the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce for contribution to the development of international business and national entrepreneurship. The winner of the All-Ukrainian project "Queen of Financial Success 2019" in the "Ecological Business" nomination. Laureate and winner of international competitions in architecture and design.


Ex-president of the Public Organization "Business Ukrainian Women" in the Cherkasy region. She headed ICC Ukraine - the international chamber of Commerce in the Cherkasy region.


The founder and owner of the solar energy company ISO Company (ISO Company)
Social Innovator.

Entrepreneur and Manager
Expert in the field of alternative energy and energy-efficient technologies,
in systemic business development and creative intelligence