Wendy Diamond

Internationally Renowned
Social Entrepreneur

She advocates for women’s entrepreneurship and new technologies

The person who created WEDO!


Wendy Diamond is a visionary leader whose unwavering passion for technology is driven by the belief in its potential to bring about innovation and positive social impact worldwide. With a focus on supporting the underdog, Wendy strives to collaborate and revolutionize the technology space to the advantage of everyone.


As the Founder and CEO of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization WEDO) / #ChooseWOMEN, Wendy has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of social entrepreneurship. WEDO, a nongovernmental philanthropic volunteer organization, operates in 144 countries and 112 Universities/Colleges, dedicated to empowering women in business and alleviating poverty.


In addition to her work withWEDO, Wendy is an astute investor and advisor in social impact disruptive technologies and funds. Her investment portfolio includes notable ventures such as Pleasr Dao, EFF Ventures, OpenGrants, Producers Market, Lightline Medical, Quantum Rock Technologies, Bitcoin, and Perceptive Capital, among others.


By leveraging her expertise and resources, Wendy actively contributes to the advancement of these organizations, driving positive change on a global scale.


Beyond her investment pursuits, Wendy has achieved remarkable success as an author, earning widespread acclaim for her ten books. Her influential works have resonated with audiences worldwide, solidifying her reputation as a best-selling author. Wendy’s accomplishments extend beyond the literary world, as she holds three Guinness World Records and has been featured in renowned media outlets, including Oprah, NBC’s Today Show, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and Forbes. Her captivating presence and expertise have made her a sought-after keynote speaker, gracing prestigious platforms such as the United Nations, Harvard University, and Davos.


Committed to making a difference, Wendy serves on several advisory boards, including the Ellis Island Honors Society, Global Alliance for A Sustainable Planet (GASP), Global Women in Blockchain, Girls Club Capital, Humane Society of New York, and Grey Muzzle Foundation Her involvement in these organizations showcases her dedication to causes such as sustainability, women empowerment, animal welfare, and more.


Before founding WEDO, Wendy established Animal Fair Media, Inc., a pioneering pet lifestyle media platform that leveraged celebrity and pop culture to promote animal rescue and welfare.


She has received prestigious honors from renowned institutions, including being honored by the President of the State of Mexico for her outstanding contributions to entrepreneurship.


Wendy’s remarkable efforts in empowering women entrepreneurs have also been acknowledged by 

the United States Congress, who recognized the significant global impact they are making.


These accolades highlight Wendy’s influential role in promoting entrepreneurship and her unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful change.


In addition to these recognitions, Wendy has been the recipient of several other prestigious awards, including the Web3 Changemaker Award, the Global Champion for Women at the Library of Congress, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Award at the United Nations.


At the EUROWOMAN 2023 Global Leadership Forum, 19 July 2023 in the UK, she was recognized with the Women’s Noble Prize 2023 as the World’s Leader in Women Entrepreneurial Culture.


Founder & CEO, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization

New York, USA