According to Olga Azarova, "Beloved work is life itself, pleasure, and family.
You need to do what you love and live life to the fullest!"

"Give.Give.Get." by Olga Azarova

My entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, when I created two businesses during my first years of study at the university - the first based on sports (because since childhood I have been professionally involved in sports), the second - based on trade (because I felt niches, what and where add to the markets).


My next level of entrepreneurship developed after my scientific work at the university level.


My journey as a scientist began after my postgraduate studies. Though I became a university lecturer, I yearned for more creative freedom. I pioneered the first experiment on economic literacy in secondary schools, and consequently, the first nationwide Economics curriculum was born.


Even without financial reward, the joy of innovation was fulfilling. Thousands of students benefited, and thanks to my partner's support, many represented us at global championships.


Subsequently, iconic business ventures like Mediaholding 100%, MINIBOSS, BIGBOSS, LEONARDO, IBA, RBS and others flourished due to sheer dedication. Today, our educational empire spans over 40 businesses and countless global events. Our passion never wanes.


True success lies in one's approach to work. When you commit with love and fervor, it transforms you. Such zeal generates a palpable energy, visible even from the space.

Some attribute success to luck, but it's more about the heart you put into your work. While some expect tit-for-tat and won't push boundaries, others pour their soul into their tasks. The universe notices this dedication.

Many seek employment but shy away from hard work. Yet, the world is full of opportunities only if you are ready to give more than to get. If you don't fully invest in your efforts, don't expect its true rewards.

By following the Give.Give.Get principle, where you offer more than what's expected, you'll find fame, wealth, and happiness just around the corner.

8 questions for Olga Azarova

In the "5 Dresses - 5 Success Stories" project by business dress brand LETTER K and "Marie Claire" magazine, Olga Azarova, the founder of MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL, president of the World Woman Club, and recognized figure in the "FORTUNE 500 MOST POWERFUL WOMEN," unravels her journey to success.

How did your business journey start?

Birth: Even as a child in a humble one-room apartment, I always felt unique. I would craft my dresses and organize splendid events at home, fostering an early desire to uplift others. I was convinced I was destined to lead.

Science: My university years saw me diving into entrepreneurial endeavors, from opening a sports studio to launching a beach shop. My postgraduate years took a more academic turn as I spearheaded the "Business Class" Scientific Experiment, developing the inaugural economic literacy modules now standard in Ukraine and the UK. But traditional education felt constricting, so alongside my husband, we transitioned to business, birthing our entrepreneurial masterpieces.

My Husband, Andrii Azarov: Truly, my entrepreneurial path ignited with my husband’s influence and support. A renowned businessman and politician, Andriy was instrumental in actualizing my visions into formidable businesses. With such a stalwart partner, my ventures, including media enterprises and globally recognized schools like MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS, thrived.

What was your roadmap to achievement?...

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Olga Azarova is a public figure and businesswoman


Olga Azarova is the founder of the number one brand in the field of children's business education - MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL, which is recognized as the top franchise at all major global investment exhibitions. The MINIBOSS brand became the most acclaimed educational brand in the world in 2016: it was recognized as the most innovative franchise of the year at the Abu Dhabi Franchise Expo and the FranchBiz competition, the most profitable franchise at the Paris Franchise Expo, the number one franchise for children at the Dubai Franchise Expo and the BUYBRAND exhibition. Olga is also the founder of the International Business Academy (IBA).

History of success

MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL has been operating for 23 years. In 2016 alone, over two dozen franchises were sold to open MINIBOSS business schools in the UK, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Kazakhstan.
Franchises for the new generation school with World-Class Business Education on a Weekend Model are in high demand. The secret to success lies in the philosophy of the MINIBOSS system: nurturing multifaceted individuals, happy people who can monetize their talents and fulfill any of their dreams! The franchise comprises over 100 intellectual property assets, proprietary programs and teaching methodologies, unique textbooks, and a "business incubator" system for children. Nowadays, parents in many countries aspire to provide their children with such innovative education that traditional schools cannot offer.
The concept of developing a successful personality at MINIBOSS business school is ahead of its time. Most adults are just starting to realize the need for developing entrepreneurial skills and social responsibility from an early age. The demand for such skills and knowledge will only continue to grow.

Olga Azarova is a well-known business woman and scientist, the President of Mediaholding "100%", Founder of three television channels, numerous print and digital media outlets, and Founder of 12 educational franchises and Laureate of the FORTUNE 500 Most Powerful Women Ranking, USA.