Alena Boyko

"Beauty is a calling card in life."


Founder and ideological inspirer of Boyko Beauty Home Mrs. Ukraine International 2018

"Since childhood, I dreamed of dedicating my life to the beauty industry, making the world beautiful and bringing positive emotions to people. And this biggest and most desired dream of my life came true. I worked hard to make it happen, invested all of myself in it, and 'reached for my star': I became the owner of my own beauty salon network, Boyko Beauty Home," shares the heroine of our project, Alena Boyko.


BBH is the result of years of hard work, from youth to the present day. It is the main project that the businesswoman develops. The company was destined for success, as it stands on a solid foundation of love for the craft and the courage to pursue one's dream.

"When I hadn't finished university yet, I began searching for my true place in life, and I was very afraid of making a mistake. I wanted to choose a path that resonated with my soul, but my parents wanted me to have a 'solid' profession that didn't align with my inner self. After much contemplation, I decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry, specifically as a makeup artist. It was this profession that brought me success; it was a perfect fit.


Since then, Alena has been following her mission – to bring beauty to people's lives and inspire women to take care of themselves and remain beautiful at any stage of life. "I have my secret formulas for perfect makeup that suit any skin tone. Any woman, regardless of age or skin type, will look great with it. It's my secret, which I work with successfully and that has led me to success."

An impressive indicator of our protagonist's high level of professional expertise is her experience working with Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton as a makeup artist. "I was prepared for any demands, and the task was to create the makeup according to my own vision! In the end, Paris, highlighting the quality of my work, said that they don't do makeup so meticulously in Europe. Her praise further solidified my confidence in my abilities and reaffirmed that I was heading in the right direction."


Another childhood dream that the woman brought to life was participating in a beauty pageant. Mrs. Boyko became the titleholder of Mrs. Ukraine International 2018 and had the honor of representing our country in the United States.


"I felt that the moment had come when I could confidently declare myself, my achievements, and officially become a successful woman of Ukraine. I knew that I wouldn't rest until I participated in this competition, and I would regret it if I didn't try."

Alena draws inspiration for all her achievements, discoveries, and desire to be the best from her loved ones: her husband and son. "I want them to be proud of me, to be an example for my son. And for my husband to know that he made the best choice on this planet."


She has built her family on true love, an open heart, and pure thoughts. She firmly believes that faithfulness, purity, and devotion in a family are what will never let love fade away. A woman who radiates love and kindness will always inspire her man and mentally energize him.


Combining so many different roles and identities, Alena, as a businesswoman, an expert in her field, a loving wife, a successful lady of the 21st century, and a beauty queen, manages to be fully present in her child's life. At home, she is understanding, sensible, and caring. "The first thing to instill in a child's upbringing is love. They should feel loved and see how parents tenderly treat each other. After all, it is in childhood that the image and understanding of what a family should be are formed."

The second aspect is praise. It is important to teach every child to believe in themselves and know that they are the best, and that they will undoubtedly succeed. The third aspect is the ability to communicate and teach, rather than shout.


When a child reaches a conscious age, it is important to be their friend. They should not be afraid to share their feelings and problems. They should see support and encouragement in their parents and know that they will not be judged but rather supported in any situation."


In the constantly growing list of Alena's virtues and values, philanthropy holds an important place. She and her family help orphanages that house children with cerebral palsy. "I believe that there are no other people's children, and I urge all women to help those who are in need of our assistance.

Who, if not a woman with an open heart and great love for the world, can make it a little kinder, happier, and healthier? If all women in the world become compassionate towards children's suffering, I believe that in the future, there will be more happy little hearts and eyes sparkling with joy."