Private children's polyclinic

Maryana Tuzyak

Executive director of the private children's polyclinic "Rainbow"

"The healthy child - a happy family."

"Veselka is the first private specialized children's polyclinic that helps parents address all issues from the moment of a child's birth until adulthood. Veselka Children's Polyclinic is an association of highly qualified doctors from various specialties who are ready to promptly assist children.

The first private polyclinic for children is created according to European standards and has a separately developed strategy for the development of a modern medical institution."


The beginning

"Veselka is the first private specialized pediatric clinic that helps parents address all issues from the moment of a child's birth until they reach adulthood. Veselka Pediatric Clinic is a collaboration of highly skilled doctors from various specialties who are ready to provide prompt assistance to children.


The first private clinic for children is established according to European standards and has a specifically developed strategy for the development of a modern medical institution."

"Here, the child receives necessary timely and effective medical care in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.


This goal has been achieved through daily diligent work and high standards of quality in providing medical services for children.


The trust of parents who have turned to the clinic for their children's health concerns has become the most significant achievement of the clinic. It was the most challenging stage on the path to success."


Company Values

The quality of life for future generations gains special importance in the modern development of society.

The health of patients, their families, and thus our country, is the main principle of the first private specialized pediatric clinic, "Veselka."

Another significant factor in motivating employees is the belief in their own abilities, continuous development, and improving the brand.

Ethics is also a crucial component in the daily work of Veselka Clinic:

  • Honesty in dealing with clients, colleagues, and the company.
  • High level of trust from parents.
  • Willingness to always provide assistance.
  • Safe working conditions.


An individual approach to each child, a cozy and spacious facility with a play area, hot chocolate, and friendly and empathetic staff evoke positive emotions in the child's consciousness, which ultimately has a positive impact on the healing process. For the patients of Veselka Pediatric Clinic, a doctor is seen as a friend who cares about their healthy growth.

The experts at Veselka Pediatric Clinic continuously enhance their knowledge by attending conferences, scientific seminars, training sessions, and specialized courses to improve their qualifications both in Ukraine and abroad. This allows them to stay updated on the latest advancements in the field of medicine and apply that knowledge in practice.

Therefore, the advantages and leading positions among medical institutions for children are evident:

  • Qualified and competent doctors.
  • Modern professional equipment.
  • Comfortable facilities and high-quality service.
  • The opportunity for comprehensive examination of a child in one place at a convenient time.
  • Care for the child and building a friendship with them.


Veselka Pediatric Clinic not only has a unique model of medical institution but also occupies a distinct niche in providing medical services - pediatrics.

Over the course of more than three years of operation, the clinic has served over 40,000 patients, which speaks to the significant trust parents have in the medical institution. Each month, the clinic provides over 8,000 services. With more than 130 employees in the pediatric clinic network, there is daily dedication to children's health, focusing not only on treatment but also placing great emphasis on disease prevention because it is better to prevent a disease than to treat it.

Considerable attention is given to health prevention for children, particularly immunoprophylaxis. Vaccinations are administered from birth to adulthood. To increase parental trust in immunization for their children and highlight the importance of this matter, clinic experts participate in projects that comprehensively address vaccination-related issues and help parents dispel doubts about vaccinating their child.

Veselka Pediatric Clinic is a socially responsible brand, with the preservation of children's health as its core value, as it is the key to a healthy nation in the future.

Social responsibility

In addition to social projects related to immunoprophylaxis, experts from various specialties develop lectures that address equally important health issues for children of different ages.


For example, there are lectures specifically designed for parents of school-age children, such as "Hypertensive disease starts in childhood" and "Life-threatening heart diseases in children." These lectures cover topics such as the emergence of arterial hypertension in children and the behavior parents should adopt when their child experiences sudden and sharp arterial pressure. They also discuss indicators that may precede sudden cardiac death in children, aiming to ensure that parents, equipped with this knowledge, do not overlook crucial health changes in their child and have the tools to react promptly. There are a range of lectures for parents and other target groups, as we take a comprehensive approach to children's health issues.


Clinic experts work as a team, constantly exchanging and sharing their experiences, which helps achieve maximum results.

Plans for the future

Mariyana Mariyanivna Tuziak and her colleagues have no intention of resting on their laurels. "Veselka" continues to evolve and improve.


Veselka Pediatric Clinic has earned significant trust from caring parents, and stopping would mean failing to meet the expectations of their young patients.


In the future, "Veselka" aims to be an efficient clinic where highly qualified professionals, utilizing high-quality research technologies, achieve excellent results in children's treatment.