8 questions to Olga Azarova

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As part of the "5 Dresses - 5 Success Stories" project by the business dress brand LETTER K, Olga Azarova, the founder of the International Education Network MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL; the founder and president of the All-Ukrainian Club of Successful Women "WOMEN OF UKRAINE"; the UN Ambassador for Women's Entrepreneurship Day in Ukraine; and the Laureate from Ukraine in the International "FORTUNE 500 MOST POWERFUL WOMEN" ranking, shared her success secrets.

- How did your business career begin?

It started from birth, from learning, from my husband... (smiling) From birth, I knew that I was special (smiling). Despite living with my whole family in a small one-room apartment and leading a modest life during my childhood, I always created my own fairy tale: I sewed my own dresses and was different from everyone else.
I watched the most beautiful movies and organized beautiful celebrations at home. I always wanted to help people and do something useful for everyone. This positive attitude wove a thread of self-confidence within me.

As for learning... during my first year at university, I started engaging in my first business activities (I opened an aerobics studio at the university, and my friend and I opened a small shop at the beach). Later, during my postgraduate studies, I became deeply involved in science and took charge of the All-Ukrainian Scientific Experiment "Business Class," aimed at creating the first economic literacy programs for general education schools. By the way, these programs are now being implemented across Ukraine.
However, we soon realized that traditional schools had significant limitations, and it was impossible to achieve innovative breakthroughs within their frameworks. That's when my husband completely pulled me out of academia and into the business world, and together, we created our numerous business masterpieces!
And as for my husband... my real business career started with my husband, Andriy Azarov. He is a well-known entrepreneur and politician, and he supported all of my ideas and taught me how to turn them into large-scale business projects. It's important for a woman to have a husband who inspires, encourages growth, and provides support.
With such a Great Man by my side, I no longer feared the scale of things and flourished in the business world. This is how many businesses within the 100% Media Holding (television, press) came to be, and dozens of educational development schools for children, which have become well-known worldwide, such as the International Education Network MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL! These businesses come from the heart and are a source of pride for our family!

- How did you pave your path to success?

Together with my husband, our super team, and now with our children! I believe that family values are the most important in life. When you have a healthy and beautiful family, you will have a successful business and a mission for the world.

- How much has your character changed in the business environment?


It has toughened and softened at the same time (smiling). As a true Aries, I'm not accustomed to backing down. I flawlessly bring projects to perfection, turning thousands of problems into easily solvable tasks. But now I understand that I need to invest my time only in "new projects" and in "growing people." We don't compete anywhere. We create new markets from A to Z. The "blue ocean strategy" in business and innovation is what we enjoy. We create unique things in education, and that's why, for example, our brand MINIBOSS has already been recognized as the No. 1 Brand in global business education for children! Innovation is our character!


- Who became your role model?


My mother, as the strongest and most positive woman in the world. My husband, as the No. 1 Man in the world! His level of nobility, strength, and composure simply mesmerizes all of us. My children, they greatly contribute to our development. They are amazing (smiling). And, in general, all the people who are near and far. I love to learn, so anyone who has achieved great heights in their field evokes a sense of recognition and gratitude within me. There are many such people, from Mother Teresa and Margaret Thatcher to Victoria Chindatska (my partner and colleague in the international education system MINIBOSS), Lydia Holubenko (the first chairwoman of the All-Ukrainian Club of Successful Women), and Aurika Vranchanu (my friend and colleague in the Women of Ukraine Club). I learn depth from one, lightness from another, and social skills from the third. It's wonderful to have such brilliant individuals around.


- How did you create your ideal business image?


My husband, and now my younger daughter Nastenka, are my best image consultants!


- Did you encounter any problems when choosing your business wardrobe?


There are few truly feminine images in business fashion. Even at work, a woman should be a princess!


- In your opinion, is there a stereotype that the visual image and chosen business look can influence business relationships with partners?


Dress code, like any other code, matters. Especially in international business. There, dress code is not just about clothing, it's about understanding and respecting the local culture. If you study their laws and culture, everyone will want to do business with you. Genuine goodwill towards your partner should come from within and be reflected externally, then it becomes 100% business!


- Is there anything that is still lacking in Ukrainian business fashion?


More beautiful dresses! Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world, so let's dress them in a feminine way! Over the past decades, many good designers have emerged in Ukraine, and thanks to Irina Danilevska for UFW, this fashion incubator is already giving birth to new styles and forms. I believe that our domestic designers will soon give special attention to business fashion!

Wishing everyone beauty and kindness!

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